About Us

Smart Art was born in Galway, West of Ireland in 2016 to self proclaimed "affordable art superhero" Sean Rowland. Now operating from the UK also, we supply art for homes & businesses and we offer Ireland's only professional Photo-To-Oil painting service. Something we are very proud of here at Smart Art HQ.




What makes us different?.....it's simple, our price tag.

As a result of hard-work & relationship building with artists in Ireland and around the world, we are thrilled to be able to provide high quality, commissioned pieces starting from just €49 and never exceeding a relatively modest €299.

Like us, our artists believe we should make fine art affordable for everyone. We talk "human" and keep things simple so that you too can enjoy the beauty of museum quality paintings, just like we do. 

You can view & buy online, we also sell gift vouchers which can be used with any of our products including Photo-To-Oil paintings.  


"Hi Sean, 'Roisin Dúbh' is now framed and on the wall.... This was an excellent present for my other half as it was his favourite from one of your exhibitions, thank you Sean for making this a lovely surprise at Christmas! I'll just have to get another one for this year"  ~  Emer